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Taking inspiration from the company name STELLA, that comes directly from the owners’ family name and means “STAR”, we would like to realize people’s desire to celebrate happy life moments with a precious gift.


We wish spreading worldwide the joy and elegance of pret à porter, a distinctive feature of fashion born in Milano, by allowing everyone wear BEAUTIFUL AND AFFORDABLE GOLD JEWELLERY whose design and intrinsic value overtake the ephemeral life of clothing.


So we create jewels with that unique style of Milano recognized and appreciated all over the world: a perfect mixture of balance, aesthetics and Made in Italy quality.
Stella Milano 1952: the classic-contemporary jewellery MADE IN MILANO, DESIRED WORLDWIDE.

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The star* was born in 1952, established by the four Stella brothers.

For over 60 years, the long lasting partnership with employees, suppliers and customers, have built a larger FAMILY day by day. We are all linked by the aim to enjoy a good work place, manage a successful business and a improve life quality.


We manufacture only fine gold jewellery, entirely made in Milano ( just some components are from Vicenza or Arezzo district) because we pursue AUTHENTICITY . We have a reputation for reliability, solidity and continuity among our business partner and precious alloys keep the value of customer’s choise through time.


Due to over 60 years of TRADITION and the right amount of technlogy and craftmanship, everyday we produce resistant, hand-finished and quality  controlled jewelry: Stella Milano is a benchmark for seriousness, well made and high quality to price ratio. Today, more than 21 MILLION PEOPLE are wearing a Stella Milano jewel close to their heart.

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