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Season after season, jersey knit fabrics find new stunning applications in fashion and furnishings design of which Milan is the capital. Stella Milano, inspired by the extraordinary elasticity of this kind of textiles, has succesfully developed a stretchable version of all its mesh gold chains for which it has always been known and appreciated all over the world.

The innovative EXTENSA tech is now part of all the gold collections of the Stella Milano catalogue as well as of the diamonds sets. It already is a jewelry trend and a bestseller.

first flexible gold bracelet MadeinItaly Stella Milano
RICCIOLO D'ORO In the 90ties Stella Milano invented the first gold elastic bracelet made of a special 18k alloy. Thousands of these unisex jewels have been sold worldwide.

The idea of a stretchable bracelet directly came from the Stella Milano expertise in manufacturing jewelry from gold sheets. Indeed in the 90ties the great succes in producing millions of pendants to be worn near the heart, naturally evolved into the desire of extending the range by adorning people’s wrist.

Starting from the straight cut of a gold sheet, that has always been the raw material from the factory rolling mill, our goldsmiths tuned a unique alloy and got the first elastic bracelet in 18k named RICCOLO D’ORO.

The challenge of innovation has later added a 3rd dimension to Stella Milano jewelry that has become a flashy mesh by wrapping the embroidered gold sheet over a cilindric template (commonly known as “pop corn chain”) declined in hundreds of contemporary pieces with a stretchable core.

three colors gold flexible bacelet StellaMilano
Three-colors gold flexible bacelet form 2019 Stella Milano catalogue.
gold stretchable bracelet

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The new stretchable bracelets (without clasp) are therefore lightweight and stylish thanks to the exclusive EXTENSA harmonic component, finely tuned by the Milanese goldsmiths. Paired with the stretch rings that fit any finger, they perfectly suit to all kinds of female beauty  because one size fits all!

Then, rather than being a simple series of metal rings, Stella Milano chains perfectly represent endless bonds of love: the collectable present for loved ones and the precious choise for a personal mix and match.

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